What Is The Core And Why Should You Strengthen It?

What Is The Core And Why Should You Strengthen It

Core training is not something that is practiced as often as with other body parts. However, this region is one of the most important in intervening in most of the movements we make every day. You want to know what the core is and why should you strengthen it.

What Is The Core?

Before training this area of the body to increase its robustness and resistance, it is essential to know what the core is and the importance of keeping it in good shape. These are the muscles of the central area of our body, something that covers the lumbar area, the abdominals, the diaphragm, the pelvic floor, and the buttocks.

Core is an English term that comes to mean something of a core as the area where our center of gravity is located. It is as if it were a kind of container where various organs and bone components have room as part of the spine, the reproductive system, the digestive, etc.

It is located in a strategic place and is shaped by muscles that help others to perform their function effectively. Thus, when walking, it is necessary to use the muscles of the legs but the core muscles also play a fundamental role.

Whether it happens when picking up something from the ground or if we take a bike trip. And it is that when carrying out any kind of action in which the muscles of the joints intervene, the core also makes an act of presence.

In this way, the more trained this muscle is, the greater efficiency the rest of the muscles will show when performing their work perfectly. Otherwise, that is, if the core does not receive adequate training, when doing any activity, the rest of the muscles will have to make an overstretch to compensate for the ineffectiveness of the core muscles.

Why should you strengthen the core? Very simple because this area is responsible for maintaining the posture and transmitting the forces you need in your legs when it comes to riding a bike. Therefore, we can say that the core is the point of support for exercising any activity, putting in place any limb, and maintaining the necessary position and balance.

Exercises To Strengthen The Core:

Once you know what the core is and why strengthen it, we can go on to describe some exercises other than the classic abdominals. And it is that being endowed with many muscles, this area can be worked in several different ways.

The cobra is a fairly popular yoga posture. It consists of lying face down, with the legs outstretched and the palms of the hands resting on the ground at chest height. In this position, help yourself from your arms to lift the trunk. The hip should remain leaning on the ground, and the further back the head, the greater the muscle work done.

Arm lift on fitball. With legs outstretched, he rests the belly on the fitball and, at the same time as you expire, extends his arms forward. Hold on to this position and, once all the air has been expelled, it returns to the initial position to repeat the exercise. If you wish, you can practice another variant by holding your hands to the back of the neck.

– On the bridge or hip lift, you will work the lumbar area easily. Simply knock yourself face up and flex your legs while leaning your feet on the ground. In that position, he raises the hip to form a straight line along with his shoulders and knees.

– The helicopter (with or without dumbbells). On a mat, stand upside down on two dumbbells. Raise an arm until it is fully extended at the same time as you turn the trunk. Stay in this side position for a few seconds and change sides. Make sure you use the right weight, although remember that you can also do it without dumbbells.

– On the plank on the fitball, place the face down, with the legs stretched, the feet separated slightly more than the hips, and rest the forearms on the fitball at an angle of 90 degrees. Hold this position with your back straight and you’ll notice how the abdominals work, although you’ll also be enhancing the muscles that are part of the core.

If you’re interested in knowing more, you can also learn about the best exercises to strengthen the core to start practicing them.