The 7 Best Exercises To Strengthen The Core

The 7 Best Exercises To Strengthen The Core

Before you start the exercises it is important to know what the core is and why you should strengthen it.

Once informed, say that many people work the core area to strengthen it by always resorting to the same exercises, when the reality is that there is a whole world full of possibilities. From here we’re going to tell you some proper exercises to get you working in this area properly.

Some of these options require essential equipment, while in others you will need nothing, as for these calisthenic exercises to practice at home. In addition, there are more or less intense them to adapt to your physical condition. Either way, the idea is to start with the less energetic and increase the level of difficulty as you move forward. Want to know what are the best exercises to strengthen the core?

Exercise 1 – Abdominal plate

We’re facing one of the great classics. Abdominal plates with the elbows leaning on the ground are one of the most suitable exercises when it comes to boosting our abdomen. Besides, it’s very simple.

All you have to do is place your body like when you do push-ups, only with the elbows leaning on the ground. The idea is to keep the posture for a few seconds, keeping your back straight and without lowering or raising your buttocks so as not to reduce its effectiveness.

Exercise 2 – Side plate

The plate enhances the front abdominal area, but it is possible to intensify the oblique if we place the body sideways and support ourselves only with one elbow. Just as it happened in the previous year, you’ll have to keep your posture with the body straight and work both sides equally. As long as you put it into practice, try not to bring the hip closer or to get it away from the ground because it could affect the effectiveness of exercise.

Exercise 3 – Leg lift

Among the best exercises to strengthen the core, this is another of the great classics in which you will only need a mat or towel. Simply lie down with your head face up, stick each arm to one side of the body, leaving the palms of your hands down, and raise your legs until you form a 90 angle with your torso.

Until you finish the exercise with the repetitions you’ve marked, don’t rest your legs on the ground. That way, you’ll keep the abdomen area in tension all the time.

Exercise 4 – Ab Wheel

In this case, you will need an abdominal wheel to hold it between your hands. Simply rest your knees on the ground and swim at them to propel you with the help of the abdominal wheel and lower the body until the torso is practically parallel to the ground.

In this exercise, it is easy to increase or reduce the degree of difficulty through the extension or reduction of the length of movement. If you find it hard to perform a replay, you can place yourself in front of the wall so you don’t stretch your arms so much. As you get used to it, get away from the wall and you’ll raise the level of difficulty. Once you’ve mastered this movement, you can rest with your feet instead of doing it with your knees.

Exercise 5 – Horizontal escalation

In an iron position, take one of your knees to the elbow located on the same side of the body and repeat the movement alternately with the other knee. Do the repetitions you deem appropriate and over time increase the level of difficulty by doing plates in the same position.

Exercise 6 – Abdominal in high pulley

It is an alternative to the usual abdominal crunch, only that in this exercise you will need a pulley to regulate the intensity of the movement by providing more or less weight.

It is one of the best exercises to strengthen the core, but you mustn’t exceed the burdens because the idea is to pull the abdomen and not the rest of the body. In addition, in this case, the most important thing is to notice how the abdomen is worked before you include more weight.

Exercise 7 – The drag of the army

It is a mixture of the classic plates, the plates on which we carry the knee to the elbow, and the arm displacement exercises. The idea is to grab some dumbbells and use them to drag us down the ground or simply support the elbows on the ground and walk on them as in the classic military exercises.