Weighted Squats: How to Do Them Right?

Weighted Squats(1)

Inside the fitness, we find squats, a very suitable exercise to strengthen legs and buttocks. However, there is a wide variety of possibilities and weighty squats are ideal for boosting the development of the lower and upper muscles gradually.

It is a technique used by Olympic athletes, to increase in strength, strength and body conditioning. They are usually made with bar, thus developing the lower train at the time that strengthens our legs, burn fat, and lose weight. Now, how do you do good the weighty squats?

Ways To Do Weighty Squats:

In the initial position, the feet should be in line with the open shoulders, the fingers should head to the front, and the knees to the level of the toes, slightly outward (never forward).

A light movement of the hip should be carried out. It moves back and down, while the chest remains up and the weight of the body falls on the heels. Your knees shouldn’t be flexed too much to keep them from ending up on your toes.

When you drop, keep your body steady and lower more than a parallel level to activate the leg muscles.

The core must remain solid. Before you do the seat, take a deep breath while contracting the abdomen, tip your hips back, and lightly carry your shoulders and chest to the front. The back will be protected, as long as the head is backward and the abdomen and upper tense.

At all times, see at the front so that your head remains in a neutral position and that the chest does not collapse.

Benefits of Weighty Squats:

It is essential to know how to do weighty sits well to avoid problems and injuries as we will see in the next section. Once you learn and incorporate them into your daily routine, you’ll get multiple benefits that we’ll try to summarize next.

In the hip area, you will get more flexibility. By doing them correctly, over time we increase movement and develop resistance. The muscles used to make them are the same as when we run.

With the squats, you can burn calories quickly by stimulating the cardiovascular system. In addition, given the intensity of this exercise, you will continue to burn fat within 24 hours of its practice.

Bone density increases when the body’s large muscles work on the legs, hips, and spine. In this way, you can prevent osteoporosis. Now, not only will you enhance your muscles and bones, but you can correct your posture. And this exercise helps the body to be firm at the same time that we tone the buttocks. However, keep in mind that you should prepare with a previous warm-up to avoid injuries.

Risks And How To Avoid Injury?

How to do good weighty squats is something you should learn before getting to work to avoid unnecessary risks. Either way, beginners often make certain mistakes, and, logically, they are gradually correcting.

Grossly be careful with the posture, it should not be very broad or very narrow. Also, don’t carry the weight forward because you could cause a knee injury.

Back injuries are another worrying issue to consider. A back bow can be diverted by misusing the bars, leaving the neck also affected. Also, if we exceed the number of squats, we can make the tendons run out and cause sprains.

It tries to ensure that knee push-ups do not exceed 90o, as ligaments could be more strained than the count. On the other hand, the back must always be straight so as not to carry that area too much and avoid disc hernias.