Green Tea: Properties And Benefits

Green Tea

Within the world of teas and infusions, green tea is one of the most consumed in the world. Why is that? Because it’s a very healthy drink and full of nutrients that will help us enjoy better health and a stronger body. Here we want to discover the properties and benefits of the most outstanding green tea and that, in this way, you can understand why it is such a recommended natural remedy.

Green Tea Properties

Green tea is a drink that contains a lot of antioxidants and nutrients beneficial to our well-being. Antioxidants are components that help us avoid premature aging of the body by reducing the aggression of free radicals. Therefore, in general terms, we will be able to enjoy stronger health, a rejuvenated organism and we will have the lowest risk of suffering from conditions or diseases.

But we’ll get to know in more detail the main properties and benefits of green tea. We’ll analyze them one by one so you can know all the positive effects they offer to your body.

Improving Brain Functions

One of the benefits of the most prominent green tea is that it helps improve brain function. Thanks to theine, this drink keeps the brain awake and active; the component acts as a stimulant and will be able to keep your attention alert at all times. Theine blocks a neurotransmitter and therefore activates neurons and dopamine concentration.

But, in addition to theine, green tea also has L-theanine, an inhibitor that acts as an antioxidant and also manages to increase brain wave production. Along with this, both components improve the function of the brain and increase energy production.

Helps Reduce Fats

We continue to know the properties and benefits of green tea to talk, now, about its burning effect. Yes, yes: you heard well. This drink can help you reduce your body’s fats and therefore sculpt your silhouette and help you get the results you’re looking for.

The reason is that green tea accelerates the work of metabolism, making you spend more energy without the need for more physical activity. However, this property won’t work if you don’t live a healthy and balanced life; eating a pizza and then having green tea won’t help you eliminate fats.

Reduce The Risk of Cancer

This property must be taken with spindles. Green tea, thanks to its antioxidant contribution, will help you keep your body in good condition and prevent the onset of degenerative diseases, including cancer.

Cancer is a type of condition that appears because cells grow uncontrolled; one of the causes may be cell oxidation, something that can be avoided thanks to green tea antioxidants. Therefore, green tea is said to be a good ally to prevent cancer, but it can never be treated as a treatment

Protect Brain Health

Another benefit of green tea is that it is a type of natural remedy that helps you avoid premature aging of the brain; therefore, it is an ally to keep your mind strong and prevent the appearance of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

We have already commented above that this drink helps to improve brain function, but it also slows the premature aging of this vital organ. This is thanks to green tea catechin, one of the components of green tea that act as protectors of neurons.

Benefits of Dental Health

Within the properties of green tea, we should also mention that this is a perfect type of drink to improve the health of your teeth and reduce the risk of infections or problems affecting your mouth.

Thanks to catechins, green tea strengthens our defenses and generates an antibacterial effect that is ideal for dental health. Some studies have shown how catechins are highly effective in reducing the growth of the Streptococcus mutans bacteria, one of the most common in the mouth.

Reduces The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

This is a natural remedy that will help you prevent the onset of conditions that directly affect cardiovascular health. One reason is that such a drink reduces bad cholesterol and lowers levels of triglycerides, essential elements for our heart health.

In addition, heart disease also usually appears due to the oxidation of cells, something that can be avoided thanks to the numerous antioxidants that this drink brings to us

Contraindications of Green Tea

After you’ve known the properties and benefits of green tea, we don’t want to close this article without mentioning some of the most high-profile and worth considering. The most important are:

• Green tea intake is not recommended in pregnant or breast-feeding women

• In the case of anemia or osteoporosis, the consumption of green tea should be avoided because it may hinder the absorption of minerals such as calcium or iron

• It is contraindicated for people who suffer from anxiety, insomnia, or nervous problems since green tea is a very powerful stimulant.

• If you suffer from gastric problems you should not drink this drink either because it could aggravate your ailments.

Additionally, experts do not recommend drinking more than 2 or 3 cups a day. An excess of green tea can also be counterproductive and the acceleration of the body puts it in a state of tension and stress. It is necessary to find out about the contraindications of green tea.