The 6 Best Pilates Exercises for Beginners

The 6 Best Pilates Exercises for Beginners

The man’s body is not prepared for sedentaryism. To day-to-day activities, such as going to work or eating, we should add more intense ones to put aside constant stress and exercise our muscles.

Sporting is indispensable to maintaining our physical and mental health. In addition, we have a wide variety of alternatives to choose the discipline that best suits our tastes and preferences. Many of them also do not entail excessive spending of time and money as is the case with pilates.

Its benefits are many, whether it is to reduce the level of stress, increase muscle elasticity, or improve coordination, agility, skill, and strength. In addition to working with the whole body, it does not take much material and does not require considerable effort either. Want to know what the best pilates exercises for beginners?

Exercise 1 – Roll up

This exercise is quite simple and you can do it at any time of the day to strengthen your abdominals, shoulders, and legs. You just have to sit on a mat with your legs stretched and your arms outstretched to try to touch your feet. The idea is to maintain this muscle tension for a few seconds and do several repetitions.

Exercise 2 – Rolling back

Among the best pilates exercises for beginners you’ll find in some internet tutorials is this one. All you have to do is sit on a mat and hug your legs, which should be kept flexed to the chest. In that position, as you inhale, step back until your shoulder blades touch the ground. When you exhale, you go back to the original position. The idea is to do multiple repetitions for several minutes.

Exercise 3 – Push-ups

When working the upper train, push-ups are one of the most widely used exercises, and in Pilates, they are also often often done. In this case, you must lie face down on the mat. He rests his knees on the ground and does push-ups with his back and head in a straight position. Try to slow them down to feel muscle tension. Repeat the exercise a minimum of ten times.

If you look strong enough, it increases the level of resistance with your legs fully stretched.

Exercise 4 – Lumbar and Abdominal Toning Exercises

Among the best pilates exercises for beginners, we find this simple activity that requires a little effort. On this occasion, just lie face up on the mat with your legs bent, aligned with your hips, and arms placed on each side of the body. In that posture, he turns the pelvis into retroversion, pressing with his back on the ground and with the gut inwards, and returns to neutral.

After performing several reps, with the pelvis in retroversion and the back pressed, we will proceed to do a simple abdominal job. To do so, the two folded legs go upstairs, stretch one of them up and do it, and do the same with the other without arching the back at any time.

Once you have repeated this exercise several times, in the same position (pelvis in retroversion and straight back), you see the buttocks and pelvis off the ground until you notice the weight at the height of the dishes, and then slowly go down until you get back on the ground.

Exercise 5 – The V or The Teaser

Lying face up on the mat and with your arms stretched, lift your legs with your knees flexed to medium height (about 45o), at the same time you lift the trunk and put your arms in parallel concerning your legs. The idea is to form a V, using much of the muscles in the lumbar and abdominal area, as well as legs and arms.

Exercise 6 – Scissors or Leg Hug

In this case, lie face up on the mat, extend your arms, and stretch your legs, placing them at a 90º angle regarding the body. Inhaling, lift a flexed leg and hold it from the knee with the help of the hands, while the other remains completely stretched on the ground. Exhaling, he carries his leg several times to the chest and repeats this movement with the other leg. Do two series of ten repetitions each and you’ll soon notice a change in elasticity and strengthening of your muscles.