What Is The Best Time to Undergo Body Treatment?

What Is The Best Time to Undergo Body Treatment

It is called a body treatment or an aesthetic procedure that is applied to improve the appearance of the body. It is done to mold the silhouette, increase the beauty of the skin, or correct some problem or deficiency.

Body treatment allows us to correct common problems such as cellulite, flaccidity, photoaging, and many others. These procedures are usually carried out in an aesthetic center. They can also be found in some specialized health centers. Some can be done at home.

Usually, a body treatment is advanced to achieve a more aesthetic physical appearance. With this, many people manage to feel better about themselves and thus increase their self-esteem and personal well-being.

When Should I Seek Body Treatment?

When Should I Seek Body Treatment

A person can have a body treatment at any time, but ideally, he has no health problems. Some of these techniques require further care and it is therefore important to have the time, resources, and willingness to advance these cares.

It should also be taken into account that there are procedures in which extreme caution is required when sunbathing. Those involved in this limitation should be postponed after the summer.

Guidelines To Be Considered Before A Body Treatment

It is important to advise yourself well before performing body treatment. In principle, the doctor is the most qualified person to indicate what type of procedure is best suited for each person. The aestheticist can also guide the alternatives available. In addition, the following guidelines should be taken into account:

  • Some of the body treatments only offer results up to several weeks later and after six to eight sessions.
  • What is indicated is that an expert makes an initial assessment to determine what problems exist and how they can be solved.
  • It is important to form a realistic expectation against the results of body treatment.
  • It is best to think about it well and to clarify all the doubts that you have before the procedure is done.
  • The most advisable is to complement treatment with a healthy lifestyle for optimal and lasting results.

Types of Body Treatment:

Body treatments can be classified in several ways. It is very common to be divided into two groups: manuals and apparatus. They can also be separated by categories depending on the problem they intend to solve. Let’s see.

Manual Treatments

In general, manual body treatments are mesotherapy techniques. They seek to correct some aesthetic or physical problems. Within this group, we find the following:

  • Basic massage. It promotes the proper functioning of the circulation and elimination of edema. This eliminates toxins and improves the nutrition and oxygenation of tissues.
  • circulatory massage. Looks to activate circulation. It includes several techniques and the best known is lymphatic drainage. This, as the name indicates, is intended to drain the lymph to favor the venous system.
  • Aesthetic massage. It is used to solve aesthetic problems such as cellulite, flaccidity, localized fat, muscle hypotonia, etc.
  • Relaxation massage. The goal in this case is to offer physical and psychological relief by reducing muscle stresses and calming the mind.

Main Treatments With Apparatus

This group includes treatments used by some apparatus to achieve the desired aesthetic effect. Among the most important procedures that are included here are the following:

  • Ultrasounds. They perform a lipolysis induced by the release of noradrenaline. It is a way of burning fats and is used to treat localized fats, cellulite, and similar problems.
  • Limpáser. In this case, a non-invasive laser technique is used. Reduce the localized fat and mold the silhouette. It consists of a liquefaction of fats that are then excreted by the lymphatic system. It is combined with manual lymphatic drainage.
  • Electrostimulation. Neuromuscular nerve terminals are stimulated with small electricity charges. This causes a rhythmic contraction that increases the firmness of the muscle, among other benefits.
  • Presortherapy. This body treatment consists of lymphatic drainage with appliances and offers the same advantages as that which is done manually. It can be a unique or complementary treatment to others.
  • Vacuum therapy. Use a compressor that sucks a part of the tissue. This generates a massage with negative pressure. It allows separating skin, fat, and muscle to favor changes and activate circulation.
  • Cryotherapy. It makes low temperatures use, as fat cells are very sensitive to cold. It causes no injuries and the effects are similar to those of liposuction. It can be applied to any part of the body.

Other Treatments With Appliances

In addition to those mentioned above, other kinds of body treatments use apparatuses and are not as famous or well-known. Among them, the following stand out:

  • Shock waves. This body treatment uses single pulse acoustic waves, planar focal shock waves, radial pressure, and high-frequency vibrations, depending on the purpose. They stimulate the metabolism of fat cells and have many other positive effects.
  • Velashape or Velabody. This procedure uses four technologies simultaneously: infrared, bipolar radiofrequency energy, and vacuum absorption. Allows body remodeling.
  • Body up. This body treatment uses magnetic pulse waves. This improves the muscle tone and enhances its volume. It has positive effects in fewer sessions.
  • HIFU. It uses ultrasonic energy of high intensity. A beam of light raises the temperature of the tissue and this leads to the restructure of collagen and elastin in the area. Tense and stretch the skin, as well as reduce fat, restore tissues, and eliminate fibrosis.
  • Ultracavitation. In this case, modulated ultrasonic waves of 40 kHz are used. These generate vacuum microbubbles that vibrate and destroy fat cells. Helps remove localized fat.

Treatments According to Purpose

Body treatments can also be classified according to the target being sought. From this point of view, the categories are as follows:

  • Body treatment for cellulite. Llytic drainage, ultrasound, pressotherapy, candle or sailing, ultra cavitation, vacuum therapy, and shock waves.
  • Against localized fat. L lymphatic drainage, reducing massages, electrostimulation, cryotherapy, radiofrequency, vacuum therapy, ultra cavitation, lipo laser, and sailing or sailing.
  • For skin or muscle flaccidity. Toning massages, electrostimulation, radiofrequency, shock waves, HIFU, and velashape or sailing.
  • Elimination of varices. In this case, body treatment complements medical management. Pressotherapy and manual lymphatic drainage are usually used.
  • Lower or reduce volume. Slimming massages, electrostimulation, radiofrequency, pressotherapy or lymphatic drainage, cryotherapy, vacuum therapy, ultra cavitation, lipo laser, and velashape or velabody.
  • For skin flaccidity. Velashape or velabody, HIFU and radiofrequency.
  • For muscle flaccidity. Body up and electrostimulation.

As such, there is no body treatment for overweight. In fact, before carrying out any of the above procedures it is necessary to get the normal weight. Aesthetic treatments allow the silhouette to be complemented and polished.

General Benefits of Body Treatment

Body Treatment

Body treatment offers, above all, aesthetic benefits. It serves to solve problems with appearance and, as a result, increase self-acceptance and self-esteem.

These types of treatments also have other positive aspects such as:

  • They are at low risk, as they are not invasive like surgeries.
  • They do not require rest or inactivity after they are applied.
  • They offer gradual progress.
  • They’re effective.
  • They offer very satisfactory results.
  • The techniques are very varied and can be combined to deliver better results.
  • Almost all people can use body treatment, without problem.
  • They have a lower cost than surgeries.

In general, a body treatment allows you to get a more harmonious appearance, mold the silhouette, and give a rejuvenated appearance. It can also provide health benefits, as it helps to avoid fluid retention and activate circulation.

How Long Can I See The Results?

The time needed to observe clear results depends on the problem to be addressed, its degree of severity, and the techniques used to solve it. Sometimes the effect is noticed almost immediately; other times it will take a good number of sessions to achieve results.

Either way, it is rarely necessary to wait long to see significant changes. The most common is that body treatment does not take more than 8 sessions. Therefore, in the most difficult cases, a maximum of one month, on average, is usually required to perceive significant progress.

A Medical Consultation is Recommended

It can be said that there is currently body treatment for almost any aesthetic problem. The options are many and progress is made continuously. New procedures are tested every day.

It is important to seek medical advice before performing body treatment. While these procedures do not create greater risks, the doctor may guide the most appropriate modality. It is also important to choose a very professional site to apply these procedures.