How To Strengthen Brittle Nails?

Brittle nails are a common problem that can usually be solved by putting some very simple measures into practice. Some of them are: applying some moisturizing cream or lotion on the hands (enhancing nails), stopping using nails as an instrument to open things, and, even if you don’t believe it, improving feeding.

Do you feel your nails are weak and open-layered at every turn? Are you easily broke? If this is your case, you should keep in mind that the above measures are not the only ones you can implement.

Tips to Avoid Having Brittle Nails:

Cleaning the home without gloves, and the lack of daily wetting, mushrooms, or cold are just some of the reasons why nails break or break easily, especially at the edge of the finger (where the most usually bother).

To avoid having brittle nails, it is advisable to apply the following tips that we will comment on below.

1. Wash The Dishes Always With Gloves

This also applies to scrubbing the floors, washing the windows, etc. Cleaning items contain chemicals that damage the skin and nails. Also being in continuous contact with cold or hot water is not good for hands.

2. Consume More Proteins And Fatty Acids

Many times the nails are weak because the body lacks nutrients. You might have to check your diet. Start including white meats, eggs, green leafy vegetables, and soy to add more protein. Fatty acids are found in nuts, dairy oils, and seeds.

3. Don’t Use Your Nails as Tools

Nails are not scissors, they don’t open caps, don’t remove labels, and they don’t clean surfaces. For all this, use the right utensils. The daily tasks solved using the nails, contrary to doing them no good, are weakening them.

4. Don’t Bite Them or Put Them In Your Mouth.

Beyond the fact that the nails aren’t pretty bitten or you’ll be taking all the germs from your fingers to your mouth, these bad habits make the nails weaken and soften.

5. Keep Your Nails Short

Keep Your Nails Short

In addition to being trendy these days, it will prevent them from breaking or breaking so easily. It would also be good if you don’t scrape the enamel when it starts to remove because that weakens the surface.

6. Watch Out For Nail Products

The remover is very aggressive for the nails. You should limit their use to once a week or look for more natural alternatives, such as pads with natural oils.

It is also recommended to avoid using artificial or hardener nails because they fine-tune the original nail. In addition, when removing them they rip part of the surface, which can lead to brittle nails. It is recommended in turn not to always have them painted. Let them rest at least one day a week (e.g. Sunday).

7. Get A Manicure Once a Week

You can go to the beauty salon or do it yourself at home. You shouldn’t forget about good exfoliation, lime, and even massages with essential oils (or olive).

8. Repair Nails Instantly

If you break a nail, it’s convenient for you to repair it as soon as possible so it doesn’t happen to the elders. To do this, you can cut or file it, but it will be different from the rest. Another option is to apply a drop of glue and place a piece of tea-sagging paper on top. When you’ve completely dried, you pass the lime a little and paint the whole nail with a little transparent varnish.

Natural Remedies For Brittle Nails

According to popular wisdom, the following remedies could contribute to the treatment of brittle nails. They should be applied regularly, within a healthy lifestyle. Never in isolation, as they would not give any results.

  • Onion


Preparation of a paste with fresh onion is thought to be a natural remedy for brittle nails. The reason for its effectiveness would be in the vitamins contained in this food.

According to the Spanish Nutrition Foundation, onion contains proteins, potassium, vitamin C, flavonoids, and different sugary compounds.

  • Agar

As in the case of the onion, it is believed that by applying the garlic paste onto the nails and letting it act for several minutes, the nails would be strengthened.

  • Horsetail

On the other hand, it is also believed that by dipping hands into the infusion of horsetail, health, and cuticles could be improved and thus avoid brittle nails.

  • Olive oil

Olive oil

Applying olive oil, almonds or castor can be beneficial for nails, as it would help to moisturize and keep them healthy. And if they are already weakened, it would help to strengthen them.

Some apply a few drops of oil to their hands and make soft massages in the nail with the fingertips and some dip their nails a while in oil. Both options are valid and could even be interspersed often.

Adding a splash of coconut oil in the cream for the hands and applying a little of this before sleeping can be an effective remedy for brittle and weak nails.

Nail Care Must Be Done Daily

Eating healthy, moisturizing your hands (and by extension, nails), using gloves to clean the house, and scrubbing the dishes are some of the measures that would be advisable to practice daily to avoid weakening the nails. Natural remedies can be a complement, but we must not rely on them alone.