How To Take Proper Care Of Your Feet? These Are Their Secrets

The feet are one of the body parts we usually care for less. We rarely care about them until they bother us one way or another. Therefore, we invite you to ask: do you know how to take care of your feet correctly?

Pedicure services, beautifying cosmetic treatments, and even massage sessions exclusively for the feet are offered in many places that, although not coming badly from time to time, are not enough to give good care to this part of the body.

Adopting a good foot care routine is ideal. This way we will keep them healthy, as well as they will look beautiful. To do this, there are different remedies and advice that are very easy to carry out.

Below are then some tips that will help you take care of your feet and keep them healthy. Put them in practice and you’ll see the results very soon.

1. Use The Right Footwear

Use The Right Footwear

One of the most important recommendations when it comes to taking care of your feet is to wear adequate footwear daily. Many people don’t usually care about it, so they usually choose shoes they shouldn’t wear (too high, tight, big, etc.) and therefore suffer from various hassles.

It is best to opt for comfortable, spacious footwear and therefore not tighten your feet. It is also important not to abuse low-cost shoes or sports shoes in general, as the materials with which they are usually made encourage in some cases sweating and bad smell. Thus it is recommended to alternate your use with casual shoes.

Heels or high footwear should also not be abused. This can cause serious damage to heels and general posture.

2. Choose The Best Socks

Even if it doesn’t seem so, you need to know how to choose the socks for everyday use to take care of your feet. In this sense, tight or very tight garments which are of synthetic materials, such as polyester, should be avoided. This type of material increases sweating and bad smell, which can encourage the appearance of fungi.

It is best to wear cotton socks, as this fabric facilitates perspiration and this helps the feet be cooler, and drier and breathe better.

3. Be Careful When Walking Barefoot

Be Careful When Walking Barefoot

To avoid injury and infection, it is not advisable to walk barefoot in public places. This is not recommended even in the houses. It is better to use some kind of resting footwear such as bath sandals or slippers.

Another very common practice that is not good at all is barefoot bathing in public showers, swimming pools, etc. This can be very dangerous, as it causes in some cases the feet to have an infection or fungi. Dermatomycosis is usually especially common in summer.

Another aspect to consider (even when it is evident) has to do with the bathroom toilet. It is important to keep you in condition but also to clean it thoroughly weekly, as well as to change the towels, carpets, and other elements that are in contact with the skin.

4. Avoid Walking on Certain Surfaces

Contrary to the above, a highly recommended option is to walk barefoot in the grass, sand, or safe places. In this way, we will help the feet have better circulation, in addition to feeling free and relaxed, without something that oppresses them. Even some slightly rough surfaces can give us a pleasant feeling as if it were a massage.

5. Massage And Prepare Bathrooms for Feet

When you notice swollen or tired feet, various remedies can help you get relief. Usually, it’s said that it’s best to dip your feet in warm or hot water mixed with chamomile or just a tablespoon of salt.

In addition, light massages can be given to relax their feet, as well as deflating them and making them look better.

6. Hydrates Your Feet Regularly

After bathing (or before we go to sleep) we must always apply moisturizing cream all over our feet, including the plant. It is very important to apply a greater amount of cream to the heel, which is usually an area conducive to the appearance of hardnesses. Then we’ll have to let the product dry and

Daily, depending on whether your feet are prone to sweating a lot or not, you can use other products such as deodorants or powders that refresh and keep the area dry. However, it is important not to abuse the latter, as they could worsen the problems.

If you have sensitive skin or have any dermatological disorder, ideally you will consult with the specialist what products you need to use and how to do it.

7. Take Care of Corns and Calluses

If the feet have hardness, it is best to use some lime or porous stone that helps to remove them. Electric products currently have such work on sale most simply. Suffice it to recall that when using them, care should be taken, as misuse can cause injuries or injuries.

8. Place Insoles In the Shoes You Need

The templates are also of great help when it comes to taking care of the feet. In addition, they can help correct posture, and avoid injury or discomfort. They have different quality and prices, so it is best to consult a specialist who will tell us what is best for the case.

Note: You do not need to put insoles in every pair of shoes unless your doctor or podiatrist tells you otherwise.

9. Watch Your Nails

Watch Your Nails

Nails are a part of the feet to which we must also pay attention. At all times they must be clean and short. Otherwise, they can cause discomfort, sometimes preventing us from walking quietly.

Cutting your nails periodically will avoid that, as well as give them a better appearance on your feet.

Use the right instruments for pedicure and avoid using objects that can cause you cuts. Also, remember to disinfect the instruments well before and after each use.

10. Wash And Dry Your Feet Every Day

Obviously, it may seem, that it needs to be made clear: you have to wash your feet every day (in the shower) to prevent dirt from causing bad smells and other problems. To do this, it is best to opt for a natural soap that does not cause dryness but does eliminate the dirt.

Of course, in the end, we must dry our feet very well with a towel and even leave them outdoors for a few minutes. This way we will avoid the appearance of mushrooms. Always make sure you dry the spaces well between your fingers, as they are the area most likely to accumulate moisture.

Following all these tips you will not only get your feet taken care of every day but also keep them healthy and beautiful.