How to Eliminate Bad Body Odor?

Bad Body Odor

If you need a plan b. when the deodorant applicator dries unexpectedly, we’ll give you some tips that will make you feel fresh and help you end up with bad body odor.

Tips to End Bad Body Odor

The tips we explain below don’t have to work on your case. We recommend you go to a specialist if your bad body smell persists and no product or remedy works for you.

Stay Clean

Stay Clean from bad body odor

When it comes to bad body odor, staying clean is the best weapon. The eccrine glands, found in almost all parts of the body, produce the cooling of sweat, which is mainly water. Think of it as a small natural air conditioning system.

The apocrine glands, found in the armpits and the groin (among other areas) produce sweat. This performs a series of functions, one of which is to work as a kind of waste disposal system. Microscopic particles of fat and other materials are discharged in this process.

The sweat produced by the apocrine glands is a big problem with body odor. Bacteria feed on fats and other secretions, and their waste products produce that distinctive fetid scent. The force of the smell a person produces depends on the amount of sweat their glands secrete, as well as the number of bacteria in their skin.

People with strong armpit smells carry two or three times as many bacteria as many others as other people. The best way to prevent body odor is to clean the sweat and bacteria in depth regularly.

  • Clean the groin area and armpits with soap and water, preferably a deodorant soap.
  • At least once a day or more often if necessary.

Manage Your Closet

Old sweat is smelly and there’s nothing worse than the old scent of an old shirt. The same goes for a jacket with stains on the armpits.

  • Start again every day, taking a shower and making sure your clothes are as clean as you are.

Watch What You Eat

Spicy foods, like chilies

Heat can make you sweat, but it’s not the only thing you need to keep in mind. Spicy foods, like chilies, can make you sweat too.

Some food experts speculate that the cuisines of warm climates are largely based on spicy seasonings for the same reason, people feel colder when internal temperatures skyrocket. Unless you’re trying to survive a Kalahari holiday, cut your penchant for spicy foods.

In addition, consider keeping the garlic and onion at bay, too. Sulfur compounds in garlic and onion can make your sweat more aromatic. This happens if consumed in large quantities.

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Smoking can do more than ruin your health, damage your teeth and make you look much older than you are. Smoking can also make you smell bad.

When smoking, smoke enters the lungs and makes its way through your system. Tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals and compounds. Some are destroyed inside, while others are eventually driven out through the skin, causing bad body odor.

Good habits are essential to staying healthy and at the same time reflecting it. Taking care of your health will not only make you live with fewer complications but will help you feel good about yourself.