Full Training Plan To Do At Home

Full Training Plan To Do At Home

If going to the gym isn’t your thing or you’re very lazy going out for a run, you don’t have to get out of your home to get in shape. From here we show you a complete training plan to do at home, based on a series of varied exercises with the minimum material. Are you showing up?

The key is to use an intense methodology that involves the whole body and have evidence to carry it out every day. Patience is also very important, although you will begin to see the first results in a matter of a few weeks. We started.

First Training Phase

We started this full training plan to do at home with the first part of the exercises, which you should repeat as much as possible.


Squats are a classic exercise in which the muscles of the thigh, hip, and buttocks are worked. When doing so, make sure that the hip, shoulders, and heel are in the same line concerning the ground. Also, don’t forget to keep your abdomen strong, the gasping shoulder plates and your knees looking at the tips of your feet. Squeak yourself the pace you want, although 20 reps is pretty good to start with.


Continue with push-ups. To make them support feet or knees keep in mind that the more separated you have your arms, the more work you will do in the pectorals, and that the more glued you have your elbows to your body, the more you work triceps you will do. You mustn’t make an over. If you find it hard to get to 10 repetitions, reduce the number and work with your knees leaning on the ground.

Glute bridge

This first part ends with 20 series of buttock bridges. Lie face up with your hands on both sides and your knees bent. Lift your hips with your back straight and hold on for several seconds. Then go back to the initial position and repeat the movement.

Put the warm in perpendicular to the ground to make it easier and contract the abdomen and buttocks to do it properly.

Second Phase of Training

In the second part of this complete training plan to do at home, we have included other simple and effective exercises such as the lunge or the front plate. Find out how best to do them.

Lunges or Strides

On the strides, he tries to get the legs to form straight angles at the end of the exercise, just when the knee is close to the ground. If the stride is too long, there can be an overload of the psoas muscle (abdominal cavity). If it’s too short, the overload will take place on the front knee. Try to do 8×30 repetitions.

Front plank

When making front plates, keep the neutral pelvis (back curves have to be seen) and do not force the lumbar area. With this exercise, you will develop abdominal muscle and to do so you will only need your own body. Do 8×10 repetitions.

Side plank

On the Side plank, it is important to feel the sunken navel sensation and exercise abdominal control throughout the core, without letting the hip fall.

Third Training Phase:

The final block involves quite a lot of effort, so it is convenient to have trained the abdomen and joints beforehand. It is possible to finish the training without finishing this last phase, although you will only need 12 more minutes to complete it.


If you decide to do so, it starts with the bronzes. Standing up, the first thing is to find a relaxed posture. Put your hands on the ground, at the same height as your shoulders, and do iron and impulse to carry your legs backward. Then take your chest to the ground and from here make reverse moves, that is, impulse yourself with your legs to get up and jump while you pat yourself on your head.

Squats with jump

If you can continue, follow a series of 20 jumping squats. In this type of exercise, it is very important to know how to cushion the fall. It’s about making a normal squat, but when you jump, you have to try to spread the hip and quadriceps in the air and, once you’ve fallen, dampen the impact and support the weight on the toes of the foot and then distribute it along the plant.

Mountain climbers

When it comes to mountain climbers or climbers, keep the abdomen tight and avoid lifting your butlute a lot. Put in an iron position, with the palms on the floor, in line with the shoulders, straight arms, and legs on tip. He then carries his knees to his chest and alternates the movement, as if you were rising fast on a vertical mountain. Do 30 repetitions, as long as your body resists it well.

Jumping jacks

This full training plan to do at home will end with 40 jumping jacks. Standing with your feet together and your hands on either side, jump and spread your feet while clapping your hands above your head. From an impulse he returns to the initial position, with his feet together and his hands on both sides.