Tomato: Properties and Benefits

Tomato Properties and Benefits

Tomato is one of the fruits (yes: it is a fruit) essential in our kitchen. It is an ingredient that is used in a lot of recipes and that serves both cold dishes, as well as hot dishes. It can be taken in both solid and liquid by enjoying a tomato soup or a refreshing tomato juice.

But, in addition to being a delicious fruit, it is also a very nutritious and healthy food. It has a very varied composition that will fill our body with very interesting benefits for our health and well-being. Here we discover the most interesting properties and benefits of the tomato so that you can be encouraged to include this fruit in your day-to-day life. – Won.

Properties of Tomato

Tomato is a fruit that is part of the family of Solanaceae; in fact, it is the food that brings the most properties and health benefits, within this same family. It is a fruit that has a very rich and varied nutritional component and, precisely for that reason, will bring us very interesting benefits for our body.

In addition, the tomato has very few calories (approximately 18 kcal per 100 grams), therefore, it is perfect to include in your diet and enjoy a rich, satiating, and nutritious food, without your silhouette resenting. 94% of this fruit is made up of water, so it will help you clean the body and reduce fluid retention, therefore cellulite.

To get an idea of all the properties of the tomato, here is a list of the nutritional content per 100 grams of this fruit:

  • 18 kcal
  • 94 grams of water
  • 3.5 grams of carbohydrates
  • 1.8 grams of fiber
  • 1 mg of protein
  • 0.2 mg fat
  • 820 mg of carotene
  • 24 mg of vitamin C
  • Includes Lycopene

All these components make the tomato a great choice when it comes to preparing our recipes. There are many benefits it brings to the body and, for you to know them in detail, then we will analyze them one by one.

Powerful natural antioxidant

One of the main benefits of tomatoes is that it acts as a natural antioxidant. It has three vitamin groups that are antioxidants and will be able to protect the body very powerfully. These vitamins are A, C, and E and will help you avoid cell oxidation, premature aging, and aggression of free radicals.

Improves the health of your bones

The lycopene that is among the composition of the tomato is the key ingredient to make our bones stronger and healthier. Above all, this component is highly recommended for women who are with menopause, as it will help them have a strengthened bone structure.

Benefit for the eyes

Tomato is also a very beneficial food to improve eye health. This is because it is rich in vitamin A, an essential nutrient that helps protect eye health and improve eye nerves.

Improves heart health

Another of the most outstanding benefits of the tomato is that it is a perfect natural ingredient to achieve an improvement in the functioning of the cardiovascular system and, in particular, the heart. The lycopene we find in this fruit manages to improve blood circulation and therefore prevents cardiovascular accidents.

Allied to reduce cholesterol

This food also gives us an interesting dose of soluble fiber, a component that helps to remove fats and clean the body. Let us remember that fiber regulates intestinal transit and therefore contributes to the body being free of waste and toxins. People with high LDL can take advantage of the benefits of tomatoes to cleanse their body and regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Helps lose weight

As we have already commented, tomato is a very low-calorie ingredient and very high in water, an ideal combination to help us lose weight. But if we add to this your contribution in fiber, we get a perfect ally so that we can satisfy our appetite faster and more effectively.

Ideal for the skin

Another of the properties and benefits of tomato is that it is a perfect ingredient to improve the health of our skin and avoid premature aging, as well as the appearance of the first wrinkles. Its contribution to antioxidants and the vitamin A it contains make it an ideal food to prevent cells from rusting early. In addition, thanks to its contribution to water, the tomato will nourish your skin internally and make you see a softer and more careful complexion.