Massage to Activate Leg Circulation

Massage to Activate Leg Circulation

There are many types of therapeutic massages. One of the most beneficial is, without a doubt, the so-called circulatory massage. This focuses on the activation of blood and lymphatic irrigation, so it is highly recommended to activate the circulation of the legs.

circulatory massage can be carried out during moments of greater swelling, tiredness, and heaviness, but also when we have no discomfort. This can be used as a preventive measure.

Remember that, In addition to self-massages, you must follow a daily exercise routine., as well as a good diet. Don’t forget to stay well hydrated, as you can fight fluid retention and therefore bother swelling.

Self-Massage to Activate Circulation in the Legs

The next self-massage becomes a very useful physiotherapy technique. We can do it by getting up in the morning, and before we go to bed. In total, it’ll take about six minutes.

  • We sit on the bed or the floor in a comfortable position.
  • Then we flex our legs, holding the sole.
  • We walk a leg with our fingers, through slow, circular movements and without barely exerting pressure, from the ankle to the thigh. Special emphasis should be placed on the twin’s area for a few minutes. It should be noted that the friction must be very soft, almost like a caress.
  • The same procedure is repeated with the other leg.
  • The same route is then repeated, but when reaching the twins, moderate pressure is exerted with the help of the knuckles. This technique is known as “knuckle kneading”. It should also last 2 minutes, per leg.
  • Finally, the hands are placed in the form of a clamp and intermittent pressure is exerted, closing and opening the thumb finger and index alternately along the twin.

Remember to always give the massages from the bottom up, to activate the circulation of the legs.

The Steps of Circulatory Massage

The first thing you need to know is that it is valid for you to give yourself a contrast bath (of hot and cold water) before the massage, to obtain a more complete treatment. Now, to carry out the circulatory massage, you must have at hand some of these options:

  • Cream or moisturizing lotion.
  • Rosemary essential oil.
  • Coconut Body Oil.
  • Olive oil.

Rosemary essential oil is the best option since it has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, tonic, and stimulants properties that will help to get more relief. Now, for circulatory massage, you will need the help of someone else to be able to carry it out. Then let’s go with the steps.

1. First Step

The first thing to do is lie face down and support the comb of your feet on a cushion. In this way, the legs will be slightly raised, as shown in the image. The other person should then massage the ankles with circular and slow movements, for a couple of minutes.

massage the ankles

2. Second step

The person applies a little rosemary essential oil to his hands and proceeds to take one hand, one of the legs, while with the other, he proceeds to exert intermittent pressure with his thumb. Always up and circular until you get to the calf.

Then, this procedure must be repeated with the other leg and then, it will be repeated in the other, but this time, in a series of two in two. It should be noted that the pressure exerted during massage should never cause pain to the person.

nudillar kneading

3. Third step

The tour of the nudillar kneading must be divided into zones. From ankle to the calf (3 minutes). From the calf to the thigh (3 minutes). Always up.

Don’t forget that, in case there are varicose veins or any venous stead, it should never be oppressed. Instead, it will be best to make gentle and light movements around it.


4. Fourth step

Once the massage is finished, it would be best to take a cold shower to activate the circulation of the legs. However, the placement of cold compresses can also be used.


Under no circumstances should these massages be performed if there are skin wounds, ulcers, or muscle, or osteoarticular lesions. These massages are, more than anything, relaxing. They are not a treatment for venous insufficiency or other circulatory problems.

It is important that, in case you have any circulatory disorder, you consult your doctor about what may be the best way to activate the circulation of the legs, in your case.

On the other hand, in case you decide to go to a physiotherapist, be sure to inform you what the doctor told you so that you can take your instructions into account.