Learn to Save Yourself First

Learn to Save Yourself First

Learn to give you the importance you deserve and save yourself first. Many times you freckle about thinking too much about others, but that has to end.

From a young age, they teach us that it is the other people that you should be in the first place. In the meantime, we take a secondary position.

We understand, then, that we can only be happy if the others are. That’s why we have to save them from their problems, be there for everything they need, and say yes when we say no. This series of customs is installed in us as a dogma, but it wears out and causes us to forget about ourselves.

Learn to Save Yourself to Be Happy:

Continuing this way of life, we ended up becoming martyrs. We swallow everything negative that happens to us, downplaying it, and giving it to others alone.

However, over time we realize that we become sad people. That, if we are always concerned about others, demeaning our value, causes us to neglect and end up billing us.

It will be too late when we realize that we watch over the well-being of others, but that no one watches for ours. At one point we will have no choice but to open our eyes and start thinking that, if no one saves us, we will have to do it ourselves.

Tips You Don’t Apply to Your Life

Learn to save yourself by being aware that there are tips you provide to others but that you don’t apply yourself:

  • For example, you may be great to encourage all those who have problems with their partners. When you give them, you feel identified, but you are aware that in your life you do the opposite.

Knowing this is already a first step; that you realize is very positive. Pick up this and start thinking about how you’re acting.

When you give others directions to improve your life, but you do the opposite, something strange is happening. It’s time to change and, before you give a piece of advice, you start applying it to you.

It Is Not Selfish to Watch for Oneself:

If you’re starting to see for yourself, you’re sure to start to believe selfish. Even if it makes you uncomfortable, this feeling is natural, but you shouldn’t let it last.

Well, in reality, that selfishness doesn’t make sense. The natural thing is to attend to your well-being first so that you can do it for others.

It can help you to think about the times when you say that, if we don’t know how to forgive each other, we won’t be able to forgive others. Likewise, if we don’t want ourselves, we can’t love anyone else.

You may not consider this true. But the truth is, if you don’t learn something, how can you teach the rest of it?

  • Imagine you’re in your high school season and someone asks you for help on a certain subject that you haven’t studied yet. Would you find yourself able to provide the best of your recommendations and explanations? Probably not. The same is true in life.

Save You: Live your Life, Not Anyone Else’s

The moment we adopt a way of proceeding to give more importance to what happens to other people, we end up not living our own lives. Suddenly, your worries are those around you, your problems with others…

You stop savoring the pleasure of your existence. And in time, you end up getting waterproofed in the face of sensations, emotions, and a series of pleasures you could enjoy.

So you must be aware that your life is first, it’s fantastic and I’m sure you have a lot to do and experience. You just get a chance to do it. Don’t waste your time.

Throw away those thoughts that scream “selfish you,” and replace them with me, I love myself, I deserve it. You’re not a secondary actor, you’re the protagonist of your life. Take the place you deserve and enjoy it. Learn to save yourself.