30 Wonderful Phrases by Mario Benedetti

Mario Benedetti

Mario Benedetti was a Uruguayan poet and writer who died in May 2009 at the age of 88. He was not only one of the best writers of his native Uruguay but one of the best who has given the feathers of Hispanic American lyrics. Today we present 30 wonderful phrases by Mario Benedetti as a tribute in his honor.

Aside from poetry and novels, Benedetti also wrote stories, essays, songs, critics, and journalistic notes. For this reason, he received several honorable causes from universities around the world, national awards and internationalizations, and the recognition of criticism. Today, the Mario Benedetti Foundation watches over his work and human rights.

Mario Benedetti’s Best Phrases

Mario Benedetti’s phrases we have chosen for our collection explore different ideas about life. We have not focused only on love, as is common on other lists. We hope the words will encourage you and just the ones you need to read.

1. We must never promise something, since they are terrifying bonds. When someone doesn’t feel tied, they’re freer and feel better.

Or at least not do so if there is no express intention to keep the promise.

2. I have the theory that when you cry, you never cry about what you cry, but for all the things you didn’t cry at the time.

Crying is always loaded with various emotions. It often comes as a result of accumulated or repressed events of the past.

3. There are few things as deafening as silence.

One of Mario Benedetti’s best-known short sentences. An oxymoron perfect to describe silence.

4. Five minutes is enough to dream a whole life, so relative is the time.

That time is relative is not just a quantum physics thing. Imagining possible situations or plans is a good example of this.

5. I never thought there was such sadness in happiness.

Happiness is one of the most misunderstood and therefore most idealized concepts.

6. After all, death is just a symptom of life.

A symptom that, sooner or later, everyone has to experience.

7. I hope you’re waiting for you didn’t wear my dreams.

The time it takes to fulfill dreams can weaken them or believe that they will not come true.

8. I know I’m gonna love you without questions, I know you’re gonna love me without answers.

Words that synthesize unconditional love very well.

9. Perfection is a polished error correction.

And not a gift that people develop miraculously. All perfection involves work and dedication.

10. It’s good that you dare to be different and don’t succumb to unanimous power.

A power that, like a flock of sheep, incites you to follow the path that everyone else follows.

11. When hate is loose, one loves in self-defense.

And it is also an act of courage and courage.

12. No one warned us that missing is the cost of good times.

Although you’ll always have the memory left and enjoy the moment, won’t you?

13. We all want what you can’t, we’re fans of the forbidden.

In every way. Maybe it’s one of the biggest obstacles that prevent people from being happy.

14. I wait for you when you look at the sky: you there, me here.

One of Mario Benedetti’s phrases that are often dedicated to love is distant geography.

15. All eternal loves end up being the shortest.

Also, those who remember themselves with greater passion.

16. I don’t know if God exists, but if it exists I know it won’t bother you my doubt.

Words that put the debate around the existence of God in perspective.

17. The butterfly will always remember that it was a worm.

If you’re going through or you’ve gone through difficult or overcoming times, surely these words fit as a ring to your finger.

18. Let me be clear: where your mouth ends, mine begins.

Another of Mario Benedetti’s romantic phrases that love couples usually dedicate.

19. The one who cheats because he doesn’t dare to be honest.

Because, in a way, being honest implies an act of courage.

20. When we thought we had all the answers, all the questions suddenly changed.

Something that happens continuously during life. Whenever you think you understand it, suddenly it seems to move out of place and be completely different.

21. Love is a word, a bit of utopia.

As are other things in life. Love, however, is the greatest utopia we can face.

22. A pessimist is just a well-informed optimist.

The judgment opens the debate about the difference between those who see a glass half full or half empty.

23. Melancholy is nothing more than a romantic way of being sad.

A way that also receives a lot of attention from some circles.

24. It’s almost time I started dedicating my insomnia to you.

Looking for Mario Benedetti’s love phrases? This one is sure to be among the best.

25. “Every time you fall in love don’t explain anything to anyone, let love invade you without going into details.

If people started applying these words they would be more likely to enjoy their relationships.

26. Who would say; the real weak never give up?

And they are the ones who in many cases make the world what it is.

27. If the heart gets tired of wanting, what good is it?

A metaphor for how important love is in life.

28. If I dwell in your memory, I won’t be alone.

Part of love is in remembrance.

29. Feelings are innocent like the white guns.

Be careful, because the white weapons are punctured too.

30. I need not fall into the remote risk of needing you.

Because dependence, especially if it is pathological, always ends with a bitter ending.

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We finished with our selection of 30 wonderful phrases by Mario Benedetti. Which one do you like the most? We invite you to read his work if you want to enjoy his ideas regarding concepts that concern the day-to-day.