How To Dress If You Have A Small Waist?

How To Dress If You Have A Small Waist

Girls with small waists tend to have some doubts when setting up their wardrobes. Many times out of ignorance and other times because they force themselves to use pieces that simply draw their attention.

It is very common for girls to succumb to trends without barely assessing whether they favor them or not.

Often, the dress you’re looking for is the one that makes you feel best about yourself. Not only do you want a garment to be comfortable but it will also make us look great and fashionable.

Now, for this to work perfectly it is necessary to know well what the characteristics of our body are.

How Do I Know If I Have A Small Waist?

To begin with, you must stand in front of the mirror (without clothes) and observe what the curvatures are like on the sides of your trunk:

  • Are they unspeaks?
  • Is the line between herds and hips subtle?
  • When do you put on a garment, what’s the fall like? If it’s straight, linear, and marks very little, most likely we’ll have a rectangular body typology with a Small Waist.

This typology is characterized by a very slight demarcation. Shoulders and hips are perfectly aligned, i.e. they have the same width.

For this reason, it is necessary to know what cuts, prints, and accessories are that favor the most. The goal is to create the illusion of more pronounced curves.

What Should I Avoid If I Have A Small Waist?

Something needs to be clarified: the fact of having a Small Waist is not synonymous with the fact that you have to look for the maximum always.

Many times you try to better define the silhouette with the use of tight belts and garments, but the result is usually not the most favorable.

So pay attention to the details you need to avoid so you can look flawless.

  • Avoid ends (especially at the top of your trunk): don’t wear excessively tight or too loose garments because they’ll make you look shapeless and accentuate you have a Small Waist.
  • You don’t have to always put on a thick belt to mark your waist: you can get the same effect with a thin belt and even without any belts. You’d just have to put your blouse in your pants.
  • Another way to take advantage of the belts is to opt for those who are lazy and have a certain fall.
  • Avoid high-cut trousers: instead, bet on low-shot pants, with hip sizes. The idea is to take advantage of those fabrics that have a soft fall, such as cotton or linen, among other fabrics.
  • Try to always keep a balance between the top of your body and the bottom: this means that prints should be avoided on both parts of the body and also use too many accessories on top.
  • Avoid flat footwear because it will make you look wide and square.
  • Watch out for the vertical lines because these tend to make the silhouette diffuse and straight.

Tips For The Selection of Garments

  • Look for the tops crossed. These will help you to accentuate your bust and therefore create the illusion of a steeper waist.
  • The dresses cut empire, that is, without sleeves or pulls, will be your great allies. And you can use them in both their unicolor and mixed presentation (unicolor up and stamped down). It should be noted that if the dress has any design, it tries to make it available horizontally.
  • Pencil skirts or tubes to the knee. In general, the skirts above the knee will help you lengthen your legs. So, you can divert attention from the waist.
  • Bet on more comfortable heels (they don’t have to be too high), as height will help you create a greater visual balance in general.
  • The tops that favor you the most are those that have a V-neck.
  • Take advantage of the garments with necks that help you to highlight your bust.
  • The jackets with a little manger will help make your waist look smaller. In this way, the illusion of a more pronounced curve will be created.

Now that you know the tricks to select your clothes well you have no excuse not to take advantage of them. Encourage yourself to make the most of your body. You’ll earn points day by day for your well-being while still fashionable.

Remember that the purpose of knowing these tricks is not to limit yourself, but to show you the most favorable options for you. After all, if you ever want to break any rules, the most important thing will be that you feel comfortable with yourself.