Complete Workout Routine At Home

Complete Workout Routine At Home

There’s no excuse for not exercising. If you don’t have the time or want to go to the gym, don’t worry, you can always train at home with a full exercise routine. Routines are an ideal tool to tone different muscle groups and manage to keep us fit.

Thus, fitness specialists point out that intense and short training is more effective. It should be borne in mind that after 45 minutes of training it no longer yields to the maximum and after that time optimal results are no longer obtained. A good routine should last about 40 or 50 minutes, with varied exercises lasting 5 to 15 minutes and resting between series and repetitions to get the most out of the training possible.

The exercises to do at home that we propose do not need much space and only one mattress or chair is needed to perform them. Prepare a full training plan to do at home with some of the following exercises that we recommend:

Warming Up For The Workout Routine at Home

Starting a routine with a warm-up is essential to reduce the odds of having an injury, in addition to optimizing muscle efficiency when heating the muscles for exercise. It is important to prepare the joints by making slow and wide movements. It is recommended to heat for about 5 minutes.

Thus, the exercises that are recommended are to run or walk in our place, starting slowly at first to move on to faster jogging, raising your knees as much as possible for about 40 seconds. Other warm-up exercises may also be included, such as:

  • Tilt the trunk to the left and right and with the legs straight, you can do up to 40 repetitions.
  • – Rotation of hips. About 10 rotations to the right and another 10 to the left.
  • Heat abdominal muscles: lying on your back, raising your legs about 15 centimeters from the ground. Repeat 20 times.
  • Heat back muscles: lying on the stomach, simultaneously raising the arms and legs of the ground and holding to get to know what we can. Repeat 20 times.
  • Rotation of arms, forearms, and wrists. Rot forward and back.


The squats are the perfect exercise to work the buttock area get the tone and strengthen the entire area. It is a simple exercise, but it requires constancy to notice the effects.

We have to stand on our legs open, trying to keep our feet on the same line as our shoulders. In this position, with the right back, we go down like we’re going to sit down and help each other with our arms taking them forward.


We continue with the stoking, working with them on the lower train, in addition to strengthening the legs. To make them we position ourselves with separate feet and adjust the separation to the width of the hips, firmly supporting, with the right back and leaving the arms loose on both sides of the body.

In this boot posture, we take a long step forward, and flex the knee at a right angle, without the knee exceeding the tip of the foot. We go back to the initial posture, repeat the exercise with the other leg, and repeat with one and the other leg.


With this exercise, we go on to strengthen our back, in addition to the hips and legs. To perform it precisely from a bar with weights, it is important to have prudence and start with little weight at first.

We have to place ourselves separating our feet a little bit so that they stay at the same distance as the shoulders, we take the bar or some weights at home hand and we go down slowly while flexing our knees a little.

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We stand face down, relying on the forearms, hands, and tips of our feet. From that position, we raise the body, endure a few seconds with the whole body straight, and return to the initial posture. We do about two series of 20 repetitions. With this exercise, we also work the buttocks, lumbar area, and legs.

Biceps flaps

With these push-ups, we’ll get our arms tone. For this exercise we will need some dumbbells or, if you don’t have weights we can resort to some packets of flour or sugar. For this we will stand and, with the trunk fixed and taking the weights with our hands, we will go up first one hand until we reach the shoulder and lower it gently. We’ll repeat the exercise with the other arm.


Strengthening abdominal muscles is also important for working muscles in the abdominal area and burning fat in that area. Some effective exercises to work in the area are:

The Reverse Crunch or Inverted Crunch

To do this exercise we need to lie face up on a mattress. We place loathes stretched on both sides of the body with the palms of our hands stuck to the ground.

Starting from this posture, we’re slightly flexing our knees while we keep our feet high in the air. From there we’ll bring the knees closer to the chest, rounding your back and raising your hip a little. Weight has to fall on the waist, not on the neck, and we will try to keep the posture for a few seconds. Then we lowered the hip and went back to the initial position.