5 Tricks To Remove A Gum From The Clothes

5 Tricks To Remove A Gum From The Clothes

How many times have you come across gum in your clothes? For those in charge of child clothing, this is a real tragedy. However, not everything is lost: there are certain tricks you can apply to remove gum from the clothes.

The gum, the gum, is the nightmare of mothers and fathers. Even when it hasn’t been your child who mascara, this treat may appear attached to one of her garments. At that point, we believe that the future of that shirt or pants is doomed.

However, you must know that it is not. While success cannot be guaranteed, as it will depend heavily on the fabric of the garment and how glued the gum is, there are certain tricks you can try to remove chewing gum from the clothes. Then we explained them one by one.

A general rule we have to follow is to loosen the gum before trying to remove it. Otherwise, we’ll only manage to spoil the garment, beyond the fact that we probably end up taking off the ego. Take note of the following techniques, you’ll never know when they might be needed.

1. Apply Cold, One of The Ways To Remove Gum From Clothes

A good measure to take it off is to freeze the gum. Rub an ice on the gum and immediately try to pull it out with a spoon. You must be quick and act before it gets heated again, as it will rejoin. If you put the ice on both sides of the fabric, much better.

Another alternative is to put the garment in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer. If you do, try to ensure that the gum doesn’t get in touch with another part of the garment so it doesn’t stick anymore. After a few hours, I swept it away with a pointed element and very carefully.

2. In Boiling Water

Although not recommended for very delicate garments, this process can be useful for treating normal clothing. You must dip the gum glued to the fabric in boiling water. While submerged, try to remove the gum with a knife or spatula.

Once you achieve this, continue scrubbing a little more with a toothbrush to remove the remains. Then, hang the garment in the sun so it dries. Do not hesitate to repeat the process if you consider it necessary.

3. Use Alcohol

The good thing about this method is that it is perfectly applicable to more delicate garments. Use pharmacy alcohol to apply to clothing. He doesn’t leave spots or stun them.

The process is very simple: you must rub a sponge or a cloth with alcohol on the gum. After a few minutes, a knife or spatula passes to remove the gum.

4. With the Iron

You might think the iron to remove gum from the clothes is risky, but it’s quite effective. With these simple steps, you shouldn’t have trouble removing gum:

  • Place a piece of cardboard on the ironing board or another flat surface.
  • Support the gum on the cardboard and iron the garment from behind it. The temperature must be average; otherwise, you will end up stuck and the result will be catastrophic.
  • Once it softens, it should come out almost alone. This can take a few minutes, be patient and don’t rush.

5. Compressed Air

Compressed air cans commonly used for computer elements can be very useful for removing gum from the clothes. The effect is practically the same as that of the ice: the gum will harden, so you can remove it with complete ease.

It is very simple, simply point with the CO2 jet towards the egote and, when it is cold, remove it with some of the elements we mentioned before. You can protect the rest of the garment with a cloth or bend it if you want.

With these tricks, an accident like sitting on top of a chewing gum or a very bad joke will no longer decree the end of one of your clothes. Arm yourself with patience and courage and apply some of these techniques to save your clothes.