13 Great Ideas To Decorate The Walls Of Your Bathroom

Ideas to Decorate The Walls of Your Bathroom

Would you like to change the style of the walls of your bathroom? In this post, we bring 13 ideas so that you turn the bathroom of your house into a special and different place.

Until a few years ago the bathroom was not given much care and there was only the need to keep it in place.

However, after becoming a place for relaxation and intimacy, many worried about making it more harmonious and beautiful.

In this sense, a series of tricks and ideas began to appear to decorate the whole space and highlight some of its areas.

Now, thanks to the ingenuity of many people, we find very interesting designs to turn the bathroom into a more welcoming and original.

Below we want to share with you 13 curious ways to give a special touch to the walls of your bathroom. Take note.

Ideas to Decorate The Walls of Your Bathroom

1. Artistic Backgrounds

Artistic backgrounds

In bathroom spaces that have no contact with humidity, you can choose to use an artistic and outstanding background.

To do this, you can purchase decorative vinyl or special adhesive paper for the walls.

2. Choose a Proper Painting

The color of the paint of the walls of your bathroom plays a very important role in the decoration of this space.

For a formal, elegant, and harmonious bathroom nothing better than neutral colors. Also, if the place is small, it is best to look for clear tones.

Some colors you might like are:

  • Beige
  • Earth
  • Gray
  • White
  • Green apple
  • celestial blue

3. Use Mosaics

mosaics are a trend in modern bathrooms because they allow to accentuate a nice focal point. The ideal is to choose one that combines and highlights the rest of the wall design and accessories.

4. Decorative Crystals

For a more luxurious and contemporary design, bet on a more sober decoration that includes bathroom glass screens.

With these, you give a delicate and fine atmosphere to the design of the place. However, take advantage of the most illuminated areas for better results.

5. Colorful Tiles

If you prefer the most eye-catching and out-of-the-station decorations for the walls of your bathroom, do not hesitate to try a construction of colorful tiles.

It will help you revolutionize the place and give it a more artistic touch.

6. Painted Wall

Painted Wall

Hand-painted murals are another way to transport art to this much-frequented place.

Whether you hire whoever paints it or you do it yourself, you can create innovative and creative graphics that combine with the rest of the elements.

To do so it is necessary to have as its base a wall of polished plaster, marble, or other materials of similar characteristics.

7. Wall Shelves

Floating-American-OakTimber-Wall shelves

This idea is very recommended for those who have too small a bathroom. When you put shelves on the wall you will have an ideal place to locate the toiletries, towels, and all those objects that are required on this site.

8. Using Pictures

The Paintings will always be one of the best ways to highlight the walls of your bathroom … and any other area of your home.

Look for a design that looks good in the room and, above all, that makes you feel comfortable watching it in this place.

9. Towel Hangers

Another simple way to gain space in the bathroom is by placing hangers for towels. The advantage of these is that they allow them to be kept ventilated and free of bad smells.

10. Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors

No matter how big or small the bathroom is, the mirrors are its infallible accessory. Several designs and shapes allow us to give it a more modern touch.

You can choose square, rectangular, or oval shape, with or without frames.

11. Natural Materials

For those who prefer more traditional approaches, there are stones and other materials that can give a natural effect to the walls of your bathroom.

If you balance it with accessories and a neutral paint color, you will get a perfect and harmonious combination.

12. Mesoared Mosaic

The sunny mosaic will turn the walls of your bathrooms into the protagonists of this place. It’s a much bolder and more artistic bet.

13. Walls With Texture

Walls With Texture

Some materials alternative to the tiles allow us to obtain walls with more dynamic and deep textures. These can be combined with a clear paint tone so that they are the most highlighted.

However, these materials are recommended for large bathrooms, because in the little ones, it can make the site feel narrower.

As you can see, walls play a fundamental role in what has to do with decoration.

Take a lot of profit and get the bath of your dreams.