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Is The Potato Beneficial In The Diet?

Is The Potato Beneficial In The Diet

Do you want to know the benefits of potatoes if we include them in the usual diet? Is it true that it does not contain important nutrients for the body? Can you make us fat if we consume it frequently?

These and other doubts may have arisen in the face of this food. Here we explain everything about the potato and the health benefits it brings.

Myths About the Potato

In principle, you should know that there are various myths about potatoes. Among the most common is that it is a food that will make you increase kilos because it is composed mainly of sugars.

The potato contains complex-type carbohydrates, which are assimilated in a slower way, which produce a more gradual rise in blood sugar levels. It also helps to improve intestinal transit by providing fibers.

The potato in the diet is not only healthy but also convenient to introduce it among the foods we consume. If you’re in a weight loss process, the potato, cooked properly, will help with it. It is a food with low energy density. This, together with his contribution to dietary fiber, makes it a satisfying but low-calorie food, as stated in an article published in the journal Nutrients.

Know The Truth About the Potato

Potato or potato is a class of herbaceous plant belonging to the family of Solanaceae. There are countless myths about this tuber; among them, it does not provide any essential nutrients for the organism.

However, the following percentages will show you the contribution this food provides to the recommended daily amount of nutrients for an adult. In every hundred grams of potatoes you can find:

Preparation is The Key

The potato only has 15 grams of carbohydrates. This is a very small figure when compared to other foods such as lentils (48 grams), pasta (70 grams), chickpeas (49 grams), brown rice (81 grams), beans (41 grams) and bread (47 grams).

That said, it’s valid to ask why potatoes get fat if they have so few carbs. The problem is not in this food as such, but in the way you prepare it.

If we chose a bad way to cook them, we would multiply the calories. Pay attention to the numbers: 100 grams of raw potato provide 73 calories, roasts 100, and steamed or boiled, only 75.

By contrast, 100 grams of frozen chips contain 270 calories, while the same amount of homemade chips has 290 calories and bag fries have 538 calories. In addition, these kinds of preparations contain trans-type fatty acids in their composition, which contribute to increasing inflammatory processes, according to a study published in the journal Trends in Cardiovascular Medicine.

Why is this drastic calorie change? The cooking method drastically changes the nutritional value of the potato. When potatoes go through the frying process, some of the water they contain evaporates and instead absorbs oil; the more they assimilate this substance, the more calories they get.

It is possible to include potatoes in the diet in a healthy way

In healthy eating, the benefits of potatoes can be numerous. As we have seen, it provides essential nutrients, fiber, and complex sugars that improve health. Therefore, including this food in the plane of a healthy diet is more than recommended.

You must take into account the method of processing. Choose methods away from frying, which increases the caloric value and reduces the benefits of potatoes.

Enjoy this delicious food in a multitude of elaborations. From being the main food of the dish to an accompaniment, potato is an essential component of the diet. In any case, if you have doubts, consult your nutritionist professional about whether or not you can afford health benefits.

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