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Find Out How to Repair Burnt Hair

Find Out How to Repair Burnt Hair

Abuse of the plate or dryer, as well as the use of chemicals and even the incidence of the sun on the scalp, can damage the hair, as reported in this study carried out by a dermatologist and a surgeon at the University of the Andes. That hair, for different reasons, is dry, rough, lifeless, or has the tips open is a common problem that can have an easy solution.

Before cutting it, there are very different methods of taking care of the hair in case the person prefers to keep it. Certain natural treatments can help the hair regain its shape.

Below are some tips that can help repair burnt hair

Best Natural Treatments for Battered Hair

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep healthy hair. It is also recommended not to firmly believe in the promises of chemical creams and treatments, which may sometimes be counterproductive.

Natural remedies, in addition to economics, are often more effective. Some of the natural recipes focused on helping with the treatment of burnt hair are the following:

Aloe Vera and Olive Oil

It consists of a mask formed by two ingredients of well-known properties for health and beauty. Aloe vera contains very beneficial anti-inflammatory properties, as this study carried out by the National Autonomous University of Mexico says.

Olive oil gives hair greater softness and acts as a protective film for damage, as specified in later paragraphs of this article.



First, open a lottery of aloe vera and remove the gel from its interior. Place 5 tablespoons of that liquid in a bowl mix with the olive oil and then apply to damaged hair and let it act for half an hour.

Finally, wash as usual hair using a good shampoo and conditioner.

Mayon And Different Oils As a Treatment For Burnt Hair



mayonnaise is not recommended to treat hair, as there is no evidence of this. As for castor oil, some studies support its use for a certain type of dermatological scalp problem. Olive oil, for its part, is recommended in research for its benefits for hair care.

For starters, place the mayonnaise in a bowl and add the olive oil. Then pour the castor oil and mix well. If you wish, include vitamin E capsules.

Later, apply to dry hair, from medium to tips. Remove with a good amount of water and wash as usual. Treatment is usually recommended once a week.

Treatment With Honey and Egg:

The mixture is considered a really good combination that can bring great benefits to damaged hair. Honey is used as a conditioner because of its nutritional character, according to research carried out by the University of Colombo in Sri Lanka, and the egg has a lot of vitamin D, which strengthens it and prevents its fall.



First, you need a bowl in which to whisk the egg and then mix with the honey. If you are looking for a large hydration, it is possible to add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and one of almond oil.

You have to spread the mixture through the hair and place a plastic cap around your head, covering your hair, to help the treatment take effect.

After 30 minutes rinse with warm water and wash as usual letting the hair dry with air, that is, avoid the dryer.

Avocado and Coconut Oil



First, it halves the avocado (containing anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties) and removes the bone. It is necessary to remove the pulp and place it in a bowl. Later, he crushes with a fork or mortar.

Add the coconut oil and remove to integrate. The mixture is applied to the hair, after which you have to let act about 20 minutes. Finally, remove the remains with warm water and then wash the hair normally.

Almond Oil, Beer, and Mustard

Experts recommend doing this effective treatment twice a week. The results may begin in about a month. Almond oil contains a lot of vitamin E, which according to a study by the Universidad Nacional del Sur in Argentina is moisturizing and repairs open tips.

For its part, there is no scientific evidence that beer is beneficial to hair, while mustard has a large number of omega-3 fatty acids, which would be beneficial for the processes related to hair loss, according to research carried out by Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany.



Throw the oil and mustard in the glass with beer. Once everything is ready, mix well until a homogeneous paste has formed.

Spread the product through the hair, emphasizing the tips. After letting him act for approximately 30 minutes, remove with a good amount of warm water.

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