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5 Ways The Moon Affects Your Health

Did you know that the moon can affect your health, your mood, your mood, and even your personality? This star has a lot of influence on Earth because it is the only satellite it possesses. The moon greatly affects tides and causes variations in climate effects. However, his influence does not end there. Do you want to know the effects the moon has on your health? We told you in this article.

1. Full Moon: Sleeping Problems

This can happen when the moon is in opposition to the sun and is full of light. It’s called a full moon and this phase affects your body tissues and causes a slight pressure. In addition, it can cause a distancing of feelings.

This means that in this period your instinctive side activates, your body can retain more fluids and tends to swell more easily. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to what you drink or eat at this time. You will be very sensitive and may experience sleep disturbances, insomnia, and nightmares.

During this phase, it is not advisable to start weight loss diets and it is recommended to be careful with the side effects of medications. You must avoid situations that present headaches, as these will tend to be more intense. As a last piece of advice, try to keep a sense of humor, and don’t take anything too seriously, or start arguments.

2. New Moon: You Have More Calm and Self-Control

The new moon phase is ideal for undertaking new projects as the mind has more self-control and is more serene in order to overcome the deficiencies due to changes in habits and eliminate excesses more easily.

This also helps you to meditate and to detoxify the body. It’s a good time to come up with new ideas and put in place those goals you have in mind and want to achieve and achieve. This phase is very beneficial if you take control of what you do and your decisions.

3. The Moon Can Aggravate Mania

I’m sure you heard the lunatic word. It’s no coincidence, the moon affects patients with psychological disorders and increases their mania episodes. This won’t give rise to any serious situation, but you could get something aggressive.

Remember to maintain control through exercise, meditation, and activities that help you channel and discharge your energy. Keep in mind that any change can lead to periods of despair and sleep deprivation.

4. Can It Affect Menstruation?

The menstruation cycle has the same duration as the mole, 28 days. According to a 2011 study, about 30 percent of women have their menstrual period when there’s a new moon. While this implies a concordance, some scientists indicate that this is only due to a numerical relationship and that it is not related to the fact that it affects lunar cycles.

5. It Affects Pregnancy and Childbirth

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Just as the moon affects tides, the body is also affected. To understand the logic of this it is advisable to remember that our organism is composed of 70% water. Pregnant women are the ones most affected by the moon due to amniotic fluid.

As you can see, the moon greatly affects your health. You can do it positively or negatively but it doesn’t have to be decisive in your way of acting. Remember that situations related to your behavior must be determined, above all, by the self-control and knowledge of yourself.

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