5 Table Centers That You Can Make With Recycled Materials

The use of recycled materials is increasingly present in the current decoration. We can reuse plastic, glass, wood, or paper, among other materials, to decorate each space of the house and garden. For example, the table centers.

What recycling options do we have to experiment with table centers? Find out below.

The Table Centers

Whether for special events such as birthdays, weddings, or family meals or just to show off at home every day, the tabletops look very nice. In addition, they offer the possibility to use many colors, designs, and materials to make them.

To continue the tendency to create from recycled objects such as bottles, licks, and even tires, we tell you how you can reuse waste things for decoration. Take note and choose the alternative you like best.

5 Table Centres With Recycled Materials

1. Glass bottles

The good thing about jam jars is that you can give them a thousand different uses instead of throwing them away. One of them, of course, is to use them as a table center.

A highly valued option is to paint them and write legends that correspond to the occasion and the stuck. It may also be just a sentence that identifies you.

It is very simple: in both cases, you must have acrylic paint and brushes. To give them a final touch, you can add stealth threads tied to the neck or glued to the body of the bottle.

On the other hand, you can also fill them with water and place sea stones in the background. With some flowers, they will combine excellently.

Finally, you can use them as vases with hand-painted motifs or also place a candle inside. This idea is combinable with the use of the sisal thread on the outside; then, add a bow for the final detail, and be ready.

2. Recycle cans to create table centers

Recycle cans to create table centers

Canning cans can also be used to embellish a space. In fact, due to its cylindrical shape and compact size, added to its solid structure, they can become very good ornaments.

Below we detail a very simple idea: first, clean the can and paint the color you prefer; it is better if you give it two layers.

While drying, prepare a few strings of thread, to be able to be of different colors, to tie in the body of the can. If you don’t know how to achieve it, you can find videos of a few minutes that will guide you on the web.

Finally, add artificial or natural flowers inside and that’s it. You will have achieved a recycled and economic table.

3. Tables With Wood

You can make very beautiful tabletops with just a slice of wood. Don’t you know how? First, you must have a slice of clean wood. Of course, you probably have to take care of this before you do the following.

Once you have it, you can combine it with different objects according to the rest of the decoration. For example, on a table with a white tablecloth, wear candles of that color or a bottle like those we previously commented on with flowers inside.

Another alternative is to add a smaller slice with a recorded message. For weddings, it’s a lovely detail to place the bridegroom’s initials on them.

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4. Plastic bottles

It’s almost the recyclable element par excellence. To make a table center with a plastic bottle, we must follow these steps:

  • Cut the bottle in half. Then, cut thin strips in the lower mouth of half the beak; they should get as far as you can cut.
  • Then open the stripes out. You must look something like a Chinese hat.
  • Cut a fragment of the pipe from the toilet paper roll and lock it with shiny paper or rubber.
  • Take a small glass bottle and, with glue on your neck, enter it through the plastic beak.
  • Stick the cardboard cylinder to cover the two peaks. You can add a paper detail or tie a sisal thread to cover the edge.
  • Glue different colored tergopol balls to the ends of the plastic strips.
  • To finish, place natural flowers or any material and ready, finished table center. If you use real flowers, remember to add water to the glass bottle.

5. Carton


If you have a cardboard box you don’t use, don’t waste it. You can paint it and decorate it to make beautiful table centers that will come very well for any birthday.

For a children’s party, for example, you can paint the box yellow or another eye-catching color and draw red strips to the sides. Of course, it will not carry a lid: inside you can place snacks or balloons.

If it’s an adult party, paint personalized messages on each and add flowers inside. As you can see, it’s a very economical, simple, and easy option to make.

The options are many and all very simple. In addition, they have the advantage of being fully customizable according to the occasion and style you want to give them. Try it.